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Horizon Robotics is a leading technology powerhouse of embedded Artificial Intelligence. The company is dedicated to providing integrated and open embedded Artificial Intelligence solutions of high performance, low power and low cost. We equip smart cameras and cars with "brains", turning them into intelligent entities that have the ability from perception, understanding to decision-making for convenience, safety and fun.
After two years’R&D, Horizon Robotics unveiled Chinese first world-leading, Brain Processing Unit (BPU) based, proprietary Gauss-architecture embedded AI computer vision processors - Journey and Sunrise, powering smart cars and smart cameras, to provide industrial customers with a complete solution including algorithm, chip and cloud.
Horizon Robotics has developed a strong R&D team with rich industrial experience. Currently, the company has received substantial investment from the Morningside Venture Capital, Hill House Capital, Sequoia Capital, GSR Ventures, Sinovation Ventures, ZhenFund, Linear Venture, Yuri Milner, Wu Capital, Vertex Ventures, Tsing Capital, Intel Capital, Harvest Fund, JIC TECH-INV, Milestone Asset Management Co. Ltd, Chaos Investment, V Fund.

Company Milestones