Sunrise 1.0 Processor

Smart camera wise, Sunrise 1.0 enables face recognition and tracking
at large date set level and high-performance surveillance video
analytics solution.It can be widely applied in scenarios such as smart
city and smart business.

Journey 1.0 Processor

To facilitate smart mobility, Journey 1.0 is capable of precise real-time
detection and recognition processingcapacity for eight categories of targets
including pedestrians, vehicles, non-motor vehicle, lane lines, FGBP and
traffic lights. It is applicable to L2 ADAS,for example, FCW/LDW/ACC etc.


"Brain" of Artificial Intelligence

Joint optimization of algorithmic innovation and hardware design has enabled "video, speech, language and decision-making"

Full-stack solution

Algorithm framework design | Complier and runtime library | Hardware and chip design & deployment | Large-scale training and simulation platform

High performance, high efficiency and low cost

Fully-integrated software and hardware to provide scalable embedded AI solutions

BPU(Brain Processing Unit)

Proprietary and high performance AI processor architecture that supports ARM/GPU/FPGA/ASICs

BPU(Brain Processing Unit)

Embedded AI Eco-partners